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Anylogic 8.7.4 x64
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Autodesk Moldflow Adviser 2019.0.5 Win64
Autodesk Moldflow Insight 2019.0.2 Win64
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Beta-CAE Systems v16.0.0 Win64.&.Linux64
Blue.Marble.Global.Mapper.v17.0.2.101915.Win64 v3.0 2019
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Trimble Inpho UASMaster 8.0.1 Win64
IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 version 9.20
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OPTITEX v15.2.300
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PC SCHEMATIC Automation v17.03.78
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Bentley MXROAD V8i (SELECTSeries 10)
Surveillance capitalism is frequently the biggest threat to our existence. Everything we do is observed. Every post, click, and every destination that we visit is tracked. To track and exploit, to manipulate and influence us, corporations and governments accumulate all the data that they can. What is so horrifying? It's been possible make use of people's personal data to influence elections and to sell them products that capitalize on their most feared fears. The situation is becoming more dire. Insurance companies have begun using algorithms that go through your personal data profiling to determine how much you have to pay for insurance. Your internet activity is used by companies to monitor your TV habits, your education and marital status, purchases as well as other variables. This means that if someone buys clothing in a plus size, or has recently been divorced, the algorithm will most likely find you to be at a high risk of being diagnosed with depression. Also, mental health treatment is expensive for insurance companies. They make you pay more. It's such a blast. How do we stop this from happening? It seems that everywhere we go and every thing we do adds to the database of data about us. There isn't much we can do. Don't let go of your privacy for a while. While it might feel like you're losing, there are still opportunities to have a positive impact. It's not possible to get away from the grid entirely. There are things you can do. Here are three actions I've taken which you could follow.

Step 1 Identify the method of data collection
The first step to fight this is to understand the way your information is taken. It is likely that you already know that everything you post online (private as well as public) can be tracked down and stored. It includes browsing histories, emails, WhatsApp messages, posts on social media and WhatsApp messages. It is crucial to realize that anything you do online can generate data about you. And companies are getting craftier each day when it comes to the way they gather your information.
Google is one such instance. They are always looking for new ways for you to be accessed. Google Street View cars were in secretly scanning WiFi networks in order to steal your personal data. Google Glass wearable technology allows users to access private areas. Google Home is always listening to everything you say as long as it's switched on. Niantic is owned by Google's parent company Alphabet Inc., released Pokemon Go in 2016. The game did not just use the phone's camera and GPS, and other features to help you find Pokemon but also provided the ability to view private locations and get to places that are otherwise hidden. Google could use Pokemon Go as an experiment to see if it is possible to manipulate users digitally to follow a particular path. They are extremely sly and it is crucial to be aware of the information you might be sharing each time you surf the internet.

Step 2: Determine how you are being tracked
Your data is stored. But how are those data used?
Your entire digital footprint is monitored by the big five (Google, Facebook Apple, Microsoft, Microsoft and Amazon). Your data can be collected via social media and email and also through streaming, browsing and shopping. The five big players can create data links due to the market dominance. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and its own platform are all owned by the company. Facebook can connect all your accounts to create a single profile with all three data sources. When you make use of Facebook to sign in to Spotify or other accounts, you will soon notice a lot of data points going directly to the storehouse. You can prevent your data being used to build an elaborate profile of you by cutting the connections between data points. That means you need to separate your usage to prevent the creation of these links. But that's easier said than done. Many take this issue seriously and try to delete their digital footprints in order to make it as impossible as it is for their actions or movements to be monitored. This includes creating multiple online identities with cash instead of credit cards, and using different phone and email addresses for different motives. This can be a challenge for the majority of. If you decide to remove your Facebook and Google profiles will make it near impossible to function in a situation like this.
What can you do instead?

Step 3 - Make a few digital adjustments
"The people will divide between those who want convenience and those who like privacy." -- Niels Ode Finnemann
How much convenience will you give up for privacy? You're probably not willing to give up that much.
I'll assist you with a few simple, but manageable, steps that I have made to protect my privacy. Doing these will help limit the data you feed these companies and allow you to have more freedom on the internet without worrying about being monitored.

UniMe First Truly Private Messenger -- All in one encryption application
Connecting people with virtual assistants to enhance their lives and business, the app features payments for wallets, verification, and much more. This is all combined with everything you'd are used to from AI/Blockchain. See first truly private messenger. Unity, a part of the UniWorld Ecosystem brought this app to you. (Follow Uni Coin.)

DuckDuckGo -- A safer search engine
Your internet searches show the most about you. You can discover everything you are searching for, from your deepest thoughts and private moments. It's a good thing that web-based searches are one of the easiest to keep private. DuckDuckGo provides the same results, and is a great alternative to Google's search engine. DuckDuckGo is my favorite search engine because it allows you to search in privacy without worrying about being followed. It also provides website encryption, blocking trackers, and blocks tracking.

Brave is a more secure web Browser
Google may track you even if you use DuckDuckGo's Chrome web browser. It's essential to select an internet browser that does not track you and is safe. The strongest one to use is Tor however it will take some setting up and getting familiar with. I prefer Brave as it's my preferred out of the box browser that is quick, secure, and private. It is also available on Android as well as iOS so you can get it as well.

Bromite is the securest Google browser for Android.
This mobile browser is one of the most well-known. It also comes with ads blocking and improved privacy. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on Android.

Telegram -- A superior mobile app for mobile messaging
It isn't easy to transfer your conversations to a new app. You need to get all of the people you're communicating with onto the app. The majority of people are using WhatsApp and are reluctant to make the switch. For security and privacy, Signal is your best choice. Signal isn't frequently used and doesn't have enough features to make people quit their current applications.

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